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Im way too ready for summer 
Say NO to Georgia's discrimination bill HB 1023 / SB 377


Et tu, Georgia? I swear, this only serves to show LGB folks how much they aren’t wanted.  But guess what?  We’re here to stay.  I already talked about the bill similar to this in TN, which was thankfully defeated.  I haven’t talked here about the ones in KS, ME, or AZ because they aren’t Southern states, but in case you missed that, this insanity has happened there, too.  So far AZ is the only state to pass it through both houses of legislature and I’m hoping it stays that way. 

This bill is blatantly unconstitutional.  The only reason it’s been given a leg to stand on is because LGBTAQ+ folks aren’t a protected class. If they tried this with, say, an interracial couple, they’d be slapped with a lawsuit so hard and so fast that we’d never hear about it cause it would be an open and shut case. Unfortunately, that’s not yet the case for LGBTAQ+ people.  But at least it tells us who to vote out of office next time. 

I danced with James Franco again


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I did too! I was there tonight!!!